We got the Oreo marshmallow and assorted stuffed cookies for my nieces birthday, and they were such a hit. Everything taste so fresh and delicious. The marshmallows are awesome, but the cookies are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted.

Jessica Kubiliun

When I eat anything that Milka makes....I finally understand why people go crazy over sweets! 

Yes this review is coming from someone who never orders a dessert (unless it’s a good crème brûlée), never runs to the candy isle and someone who can’t stand fruit...because yes...I don’t like the taste of sweet things! 

But when you bite into Milka’s marshmallows and eat one of her cookies it’s a different story. I know she is using the best of the best products. #organic - You cake taste the goodness! And the best part is that your teeth don’t hurt because she doesn’t cover up all her other ingredients with sugar!

Jodi Licudine

I don’t always get to eat Milka’s sweets but when I do they are the best. No matter when or how you get them 😉. Thanks for putting your heart into what you do. Love you 

Maria Shantall