About Milka


It’s all started with a cloud...

Sweets by Milka was born out of thin air. Well, technically it was a cloud. More technically, a cloud of sugar. 

Believe me when I say that walking through a cloud of sugar is transformative; like walking through the sweetest, lightest air. It is quite literally impossible to be unhappy while walking through sugar. And for me, after years of working in a corporate atmosphere (with no sugary sweet air of happiness), and raising a family (a beautifully chaotic mix of lots of types of air), I needed to create a light, gentle, and relaxing space where I felt like I was walking on clouds all day.

And here we are! 

From my signature cloud-like dreaMallows to my stuffed mini-bites, everything I do at Sweets by Milka is about creating mini moments of bliss. Creating desserts continues to be a way to welcome joy into my life as well as the lives of my beloved clients and their families. I hope you feel that invitation to joy every time you open up a SBM treat and take the biggest little bite you can.

As my grandma says, “Chiquitico es más bonito y sabrosito,” there is beauty in the smallest things. And I couldn’t agree more.  One bite is all you need to be transported. One bite is all you need to feel connected. One bite is all you need. 

So let’s do this! Let’s get whisked away!

- Milka “ Queen of Stuffing ---”