HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE 

Sweets by Milka – the home of the handcrafted, stuffed dreaMallow – was born out of one woman’s idea to create something new. A classically trained pastry chef, Milka Gordillo is passionate about creating the perfect sweet bite for her customers and just one taste is all it takes to turn a skeptic into a lifelong dreaMallow fan. 

“A cupcake is not a cake, it’s a cupcake,” Milka says, “A dreaMallow is not a marshmallow. It is the perfect bite. It gives you everything you need, its sweet, its soft, it allows you to breath. The ingredients are quality and organic. I do not use anything you cannot pronounce. The sugar is organic cane sugar. The corn syrup was replaced with agave. I use Kosher gelatin. These all-natural ingredients are that I have experimented with to make the best possible experience for my customer. The taste, the smell the texture. None of that can be compared to a regular marshmallow.” 

Sitting in the kitchen, a smile on her face, Milka explains, “There is a saying, happiness is homemade. I want to create a source of happiness for other people. dreaMallows are happiness. Actually, dreaMallows saved me. It was created, born out of a time when I needed a rainbow in my life. I want dreaMallows to be the light. To remind people that there is passion inside them just waiting to be noticed.”