Stuffed Marshmallows                         














Our delicious, delectable dreaMallows will have your taste buds floating off your tongue. Each marshmallow is personally handcrafted with care and dedication. They are made from kosher gelatin, organic cane sugar, organic agave. The magic touch is in the mouth watering assortment of fillings ranging from from our chocolate ganache with callebaut 70% dark chocolate, fluer de salt caramel, raspberry and strawberry. Actions speak louder than words and we promise that our dreaMallows will leave you speechless!
















Vanilla marshmallow Floaters are fresh marshmallows sized perfectly to add the finishing touch to your cup of coffee or hot cocoa. They are made with Madagascar Vanilla which adds a next level of quality to each cup (2 oz)

Marshmallow Coloring Kit














Make a day of decorating & don't forget to eat your creations after! Our Fresh Madagascar Marshmallow Coloring kit is 100% edible and gluten free. 

Marshmallow Coloring Kit will have you having fun for 45 minutes.